New Release in November!

My first book, The Runestone’s Promise, will be published on November 1, 2022 by Unsolicited Press.

In it, Gertine’s quiet life as a young farm wife is upended when her mother unexpectedly calls off her sister’s wedding, days away. A family rift erupts and the couple marry anyway. Gertine struggles to understand and is tossed into a depression. She is inspired by a runestone she finds in the woods and begins to ask questions, discovering that much of the truth in her life is full of missing pieces and outright deception. She journeys to meet family she has only just learned existed, following clue to clue and learning the story of her mother’s past. In so doing, she finds out her own.

I discovered the bones of this story in a genealogy book compiled by my mother’s cousin, which led to more research and ultimately a fictionalized telling of the tale of my sixth-great-grandmother, Mette.

The Runestone’s Promise is available now for preorder in ebook form and soon in paperbook. There will be a zoom reading on November 2nd (find information here) and an in-person reading and book signing at the Hood River Library later that month. Check back for more scheduled events.